Tuesday, October 05, 2004

public louse

In some weird twist of the cosmic aether, talk of head lice has invaded my privacy twice in the span of 15 hours. I figured I was done with that when my son moved in with his father and I was no longer connected to the world of public schools.

The first was in a discussion with my friends last night (one of whom spent 5 hours picking nits from her son's public school head) . The second was a science article in the NYT which I could not help but read. It was actually pretty interesting: Using lice to determine when humans shed their body hair and put on clothes.

ANYWAY, the reason it deserves a blog entry is because, once again, I am impressed with the near poetry the author reaches for in the following passage:

"And the pubic louse dwells in the coarse hairs of the groin, a cramped habitat but one that affords a convenient opportunity for switching abodes whenever the host is intimately occupied with a partner."

Ring Ring...

"Hi mom. Yeah, I'm sort of intimately occupied. Can I call you back?"

I love that...

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