Sunday, October 03, 2004

post-debate junk

As I wrote back in July (or maybe August. I'm too lazy to check.) somehow I got put on a republican mailing list, and I haven't removed myself because sometimes the emails are just darned entertaining. At 5:30am, the morning after the debate, I got an email from Ken Mehlman, Bush's campaign manager. I'm pretty sure his team spent the entire 8 hours after the debate creating this piece of work, but, as usual, probably due to lack of sleep, they left out some important bits. Again, I'll be happy to edit it back to credibility with my additions in yellow. I *am* leaving in the links they they supply, in case anyone wants to "edify" themselves with the details of the Bush campaign.

Dear Laurie,

Over the next few days, at the office, at your children's football or soccer games, and in your homes, people will be talking about last night's debate. Here are some important facts to keep in mind as you're talking with friends and neighbors about the exchange.
Please try not to think for yourself. It's hard work for the president to think about foreign policy, but he makes that sacrifice so you won't have to. Under no circumstances should you doubt what the president says. The God who recognizes political boundaries and blesses only America would not be pleased.

President Bush spoke clearly and from the heart last night about the path forward - not necessarily toward victory and security, but definitely pigheaded in its unwaveringness - in the War on Terror. The President spoke candidly about the difficulties facing our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as these countries prepare for their first free elections designed to elect the people whom we have chosen for them. The terrorists will continue to fight these steps toward freedom because they fear the optimism and hope of democracy. Remember, to a terrorist, Optimism and Hope are terrifying. They fear the prospects for their ideology of hate in a free and democratic Middle East. They LOVE hate. Hate produces endorphins and their terrorist brains have become addicted to it. They are different than you and me. They don't want to be free. WHATEVER could they complain about if they were truly free? [ed note: honestly, this paragraph was crazy enough without me adding to it...]

President Bush detailed a path forward in the War on Terror - a plan that will ensure that America fights the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan - not in America's cities.
If you don't remember the details of that path, let me reassure you that President Bush explained them clearly. Your memory must be going. These are not the droids you're looking for.

John Kerry failed the one test he had to pass last night: he failed to close the credibility gap he has with the American people as his record of troubling contradiction and vacillation spiraled down to incoherence. If you watch the video again, you'll even notice John Kerry, there on the right, looking distracted and irritated. Bumbling answers to direct questions and repeating the same pat soundbites totally out of context over and over again. Right there on there right.

People have a clear choice between President Bush's clarity and strength to fight and win the War on Terror even though he's fighting it in Iraq, and John Kerry's attacks and reversals - born out of being deceived by the cold political calculation of my bosses, who between them have not a single vision for winning the War on Terror. People saw for themselves last night where John Kerry would lead our military, our allies and the world in the War on Terror - down a bumpy road paved with thoughtful consideration, strength and a plan to involve the rest of the world, instead of indecision, vacillation and cynicism like we keep saying. John Kerry has a record of wavering in the face of real challenges, like separating fact from fiction in the intelligence information distilled to congress by our administration.

Truth and optimism are not competing ideals. The War on Terror is difficult - there will be good days and bad days, but no matter how much your over-educated liberal friends tell you otherwise, keep thinking that the war is essential to our safety at home and victory is the only option.
I wish I could tell you that President Bush would lead us there with certainty, but I can only say that YOU should never listen to anyone who might suggest otherwise. They are traitors and speaking freely is UNAMERICAN. Tell them so. Hold your hands up to your ears and sing "la la la la la la la la, I can't hear you, you unpatriotic, anti-Christian, flag-burning, liberal elitist, terrorist-lover."


Ken Mehlman


Tabor said...

I read this post and then re-read it and then had to google Ken Melhman--just to be sure too much wine hadn't kicked in..."deputy assistant to the President and director of White House political affairs. In this role, Mr. Mehlman oversees all aspects of the President Bush’s political agenda by working with members of Congress, federal agencies, state parties, and community groups."

I saw Adoph Hitler (admittedly juxtaposed with Kerry) on the Bush website a month or so ago. I emailed the site and asked why "Hitler" and not "Ben Laden" and never got an answer! The video with Hitler was removed in days.

I have gotten a number of replies to my emails to Kerry's various minions--from computers, I know--but still I got an answer.

Is this thing you got for makes me more terrified than the war in Iraq?!

Tabor said...

Ok--you got me..too much wine!