Monday, July 26, 2004

Trading Spouses

I finally found a reality show I could really sink my teeth into. Trading Spouses. On ... go figure ... Fox. The way it works is family number one yields up its wealthy, big-haired, two-steppin', white mom to swap parental control with the mom of family number two, a rural, lower middle class black family, whose dialogue, Fox apparently feels, requires subtitles. The prize? $50,000. The catch? The *other* mom gets to choose how it gets spent. 
I'm reluctant to get any further into it because it's nearly impossible to talk about the show without sounding racist. I'm open-minded and liberal and judge people usually by how they treat waitresses and by their bumperstickers, not by their color, sexual preference or religion. But, damn, there's only so PC you can be if you want to describe this show...
Oh look. More guilt.


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