Monday, July 11, 2005


Speaking of sales people, I'm sure it has not been overlooked by anyone likely to be reading these pages, that on average, the people in the sales and marketing departments of your average, say, software company, are sexier (in the GQ/Cosmo way) and use more hair product than, for instance, those in the development or IT departments. On average! (...and yes, I realize that most people reading these pages are in said development and IT departments, but you guys are sexy in the "I can use 'profligate' in a sentence" way, so calm down...)

What do we think? Any ideas on which is cause and which is effect? Do the beautiful people develop that kind of outgoing personality because they've been fawned over all their lives, and have learned how to get people to do things for them, or do sales departments only hire people who clients will want to spend time in close proximity, then teach them how to sell?

(For what it's worth, with respect to the previous entry's claim that I think so hard about reactions to what I write that I often lock up before I publish it/send it, well, that all goes in the shitter when I've had so much caffeine or alcohol that the impulse side of me takes over. And, yes, I'm totally wired right now. We are unedited and potentially offensive...)

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Anonymous said...

If you're hiring for sales & marketing, you're looking for someone with a lot of social chops and charms. If you're hiring for IT, you're looking for someone with a minimal amount of ability to work in a team and a maximal amount of ability to understand and make use of complex technology. People with different innate talents end up doing different things. People with a lot of social awareness of others tend to understand how to present themselves in the way they want to have the effect they want. (Andy)