Friday, July 22, 2005


My son is coming back from camp tomorrow. I haven't seen him in a month, and after he leaves next week, it'll probably be at least another month, he'll have turned 15, and will be allowed to drive in New Mexico. I started looking at his baby pictures (because I just watched a very excellent movie - My Life Without Me - and I got parentally weepy) and was thinking about some of his Zackisms.

One thing I remembered was from maybe 4 years ago when he was 10ish. It was 10pm. Zack, who was supposed to have been asleep 1/2 hour earlier, piped up from his bedroom...

Z: "441,600"
me: "excuse me?"
Z: "441,600... dollars. That's the most anyone can win on Jeopardy."
me: "Go to sleep."

I have no idea if this is right, and frankly, I'm too afraid to check. Now he's almost 15. Soon he will start drinking coffee. The world may not be ready for this.


jipzeecab said...

That's about how much you would have after taxes in cash if you won $726,000.
There have been about several jeopardy winners who have won over a million before taxes..but the only one to win it all during the regular show was Ken Jennings who last year won about $ 2,550,000 before finally losing last October.
It could be good that he is thinking subliminally about the big bucks!

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