Thursday, August 05, 2004

plate of shrimp

My cousin Stuart and I have an ongoing discussion about God and his existence. (Gimme a break. I'm just picking a pronoun. I don't believe anyway, so why not make God a man?)

Today, I wrote to him the following:
...yeah, but *I* don't think I'm fucked. See, my expectations are kinda low. You go in the ground. The worms eat you. If you're lucky, your children/students/people you've met take what you taught them and keep you around for a little while in today's equivalent of legend. If not, not. Eat the good food while you can. Have great sex. Meet as many interesting people as possible. Make as many people laugh as you can. Drive fast when you can get away with it, and accept your speeding tickets like an adult (got one 2 days ago... I didn't argue. I was speeding. Sure, I'll pay a lawyer to fight it in court, but I treated the cop far better than he treated me...)

Then again, if there *were* a God, I think he'd be wise enough to realize that one of the blessings (and I don't use that word very often) that he gave to his children was the ability to make their own decisions, and to feel confident in their own beliefs. Whatever makes them happy and good. What's it to him if we believe in his omnipotence? Does he need some sort of validation? Bah. Maybe I don't believe in God as he's described in current judeo-christian religions because he's the only one doling out treats and punishments, and requires us to behave well NOT because it's the right thing to do, but rather because we'll be rewarded in the end. Sounds like encouraging greed to me, and it doesn't sound like the kind of God I'd want to believe in. Plus, it makes the believers (and I'm thinking of Bush right now) forget that most of our treats and punishments come directly from the people we interact with daily. God does NOT bless America. God does NOT recognize political boundaries. It's probably THE MOST repugnant bumpersticker I see on a daily basis. It's up to US to make America worthy of friendship from other countries. And, we're doing a pretty shitty job. I would think that in this case God would go out of his way to throw down a few plagues. We're worse that the freakin' Egyptians.

So, I'll rephrase my belief like this: maybe there is a God, but if there is, it's my belief that he's hoping that we grow up to the point where we don't need him to supervise us or ask to use the car or tell us to take out the trash. He's waiting to spend his days playing golf and feeling content knowing we can act like mensches without bugging him all the time. Trusting that we have learned that if we do good, good comes back around. Eventually.

I'm leaving the guy alone. He needs a break from babysitting...

I was happy to note that it's sort of consistent with the aether thing. God really just takes too much personal responsibility out of the picture. I still dig the aether. And, if you recall, by design, it has a global snarky sense of humor. Way cool.

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