Friday, September 23, 2005


hurry up and be done with it already.

Jeez. I realize this is probably not the right attitude to have, and surely I'll pay for it in another lifetime, (or even this one, just later), but I'm bored with waiting for the storm, and just wish it would hurry up and get here. I mean, since I actually got stressed enough to start popping anxiety meds again *before* the damn storm started, I should have at least a little anxiety now that it's supposed to be here.

My mom called earlier and asked me if my friend's house was a well-built house. I told her that no, they didn't opt for the brick house option, and took the entry-level stick house. yeesh.

Nuts. I just looked at the weather map. The storm has totally veered to the west. We're probably not going to get anything at all. The only thing that could happen bad is that it could still stall out and we could get just tons of rain. That would suck for my house.

Meanwhile, with little to do, and not a lot of anxiety, I'm trying to rally some enthusiasm for going looting. I passed the store The Great Indoors on my way here, and I could use a lamp.

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G-d said...

A lamp from the Great Indoors is not the kind of looting I had in mind when I proclaimed that "some looting can be justified."