Thursday, September 22, 2005

ah, nap...

ok, I've had a nap and I feel way more human. I've spent all day flipping between the news and the weather channel (and sleep) and I have noticed a spectacular phenomenon.

First, all the highways are packed with angry, overheating people occupying puttering, overheating cars. Many of these people have started their journeys 10-12-14 hours ago. They're running out of gas. They're suffering from heat stroke. There are people who have taken other people's lives in their hands by transporting medically needy people themselves and getting stuck in traffic.

The news is reporting all this with a ferocity. After all, this is the era of 24hr news, and if you've only got 2 hours of actual news it leaves the devil's workshop with an awful lot of "idle hand" raw material. Anyway, the horrors of traffic is all the news folk can talk about. Except for one thing. And that seems to be - "LEAVE NOW!"

The news people are whipping Houstonians into a panicked frenzy about the "must do" action of leaving town. Yes, I understand the risks of staying, but I'm just afraid that by encouraging people who are not in surge areas or areas prone to flooding to leave, you're packing the freeways with people who might get stuck on them in cars that Nature will use like a 5 year old child discovering the joys of collision for the first time.

"The road conditions are terrible, people are only moving 10 miles in 10 hours. EVERYONE LEAVE!"

Mind boggling.

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