Thursday, November 04, 2004

you're kidding me, right?

I have been waiting for this day for months. When I can stop thinking about what might happen, and start thinking about what will happen. This, however, is not the scenario I had in mind...

I have lots to say on the subject. Right now I happen to have a few too many Miller Lites in me to express it even remotely well, so I'll let my 14 year old son have a say for a minute, since he's not old enough to either drink or vote. Sadly, in the latter case...

'Twill be a dark day when the strength of this nation falters.
That day has come at last and it is indeed dark.
As I search for a Quote that accurately describes this tragic downfall
I find a word
As for the people that made this apocalypse a reality
They do not know the likely punishment they are to get,

But it will come and come hard as it should.
And we will accept it with all due grace
Though none may be due

My boy makes me proud. Love you kiddo...

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