Sunday, September 19, 2004


Is it just me, or does "Digger the Dermatophyte", Lamisil's repugnant mascot, make you vow to chop your toes off if you ever develop nail fungus instead of living for one moment with the infective, pus-colored, and clearly evil creatures inhabiting your nail beds?


I want to hear from the Lamisil marketing folks here. I want to see the results of focus groups, I want to see the studies... and my god, I want to know what kind of horrific ad campaigns were discarded in favor of the fungal, chewy, snot monster...


ew ew ew.


Five bucks says they'll come out with Digger the plush toy.


Tabor said...

Actually, my husband has a toenail fungus, took Lamisil, and lost his sense of taste for weeks...needless to say--he now lives with the fungus.

Leisa said...

Two comments:

One, the ad is slightly less repulsive now that the toenail opens up as if it's on hinges instead of... I can't even write about it, it was so gross.

Two, when I had a bout of bad toenail, I got rid of it with tea tree oil, applied liberally and frequently. It still took a long time, but no longer than it would with a prescription.