Monday, November 13, 2006

more important things

I don't care what they stand for, Citizens for More Important Things has the best name in the world. How jealous am I that someone else came up with something so simple, meaningful, and easy to remember, yet with enough Monty Python in it to make me actually laugh out loud while reading the NYT.

It's almost a shame that CMIT (which, I suppose could be pronounced ComMIT, if they wanted a decent acronym to go with the great name) is a single issue group. Their sole purpose was to stop Seattle from imposing a tax to pay a gazillion dollars for a new stadium for the Supersonics. Why? Because they thought that the money could be better spent on, say, healthcare.

Fair enough. The site has an actual list of "more important things," but I think they could do better. Some of you are particularly fond of sports, and that's ok, but seriously, what do you think public tax money could be better spent on? Really. For the sake of "more important things." Do we not all have a sense of where tax money should be spent? Tax money. Money paid by people who may more than one wage earner per family making bare minimum wage in several jobs to support a family of 4. I'm thinkin' that basketball may not be their primary concern, but feel free to argue.

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